Top 7 Space Video Games


The theme of space travel is one of the most beloved in films and books due to the fact that it gives a stream of inexhaustible ideas. This has led to a great variety of video games about space developed in different genres.

Top 7 space video games:

· Mass Effect Series

· System Shock

· Halo Series

· Lost Planet Series

· Entropia Universe

· Everspace

· Avorion

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Mass Effect Series

From 2007 to 2017, BioWare regularly gave gamers parts of not only the best space RPG series in the history of the industry but also arguably the best space game series on PC in general. The grandiose space game, in which appropriate pathos intertwined with complex moral dilemmas, signature humor, and romantic digressions, certainly deserves to head our top.

System Shock

A legendary cyber/bio-punk dilogy, most of which the player spent on abandoned spaceships full of mutants. Both parts of the game once made a mini-revolution in game development, but now only critics and the most dedicated fans remember them.

Halo Series

The Halo series exploits humanity’s longstanding fear of superior alien aggressors. The story begins with a desperate attempt by people to strike at the very heart of the xenos alliance, and further parts of the series open the veil of secrecy over the secrets of the world carefully created by the developers. Advanced graphics, whirlwind gameplay, and a great storyline make Halo a worthy space game.

Lost Planet Series

The Lost Planet series tells us a dark story about how humanity destroyed its own planet, and then also lost the war to alien insectoids while trying to colonize other planets. The events of the game are developing on a harsh ice planet, the settlement of which is almost the last hope for saving people.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe opens up to players the amazing world of a distant star system and discourages the freedom of opportunities: here you can visit themed planets, buy real estate, trade hand-made items and personally participate in the political life of the game universe. The project is available for free, and also boasts the ability to convert in-game currency into real dollars.


Everspace sends you into deep space – not at all friendly and full of dangers. Here, in the role of a mercenary who takes on any job, you have to explore star systems, extract resources, complete tasks and fight enemies. Among the advantages of the game are the roguelike structure, exciting action, and incredibly beautiful views of space.


Avorion is a procedurally generated space sandbox where players can build their own ships using scalable blocks and a huge selection of modules. In addition to the exciting building process, the game will delight adventurers with epic battles, deep space exploration, the ability to extract resources, trade, join clans, and many other options.


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