Women misread these 7 signs from men


When you want to know if a guy you like is into you, you always look for signs. Is he flirting? Is he giving away too many compliments?  Though there may be times when these signs really do mean a man likes you, there are often simpler explanations to them. Most of the time, when a man likes you, he really will find an obvious way to tell you or show you, leaving no room for doubt. Here are a few signs that women often misread… He laughs at your not-so-funny jokes He’s laughing because he doesn’t want to come across as rude or he laughed as he simply found the joke funny. Neither of those really imply an actual interest.

He listens to your complain about the same thing a million times He understands that you’re clearly upset about it and wants you to get it out of your system, the way one of your girlfriends would. He confides in you Yet again, compare this to the bond you share with your friends. You confide in them because you trust them with your secrets. It doesn’t always mean you want to date them or you are inlove with them. He tells you he wants “someone like you” At times, this usually is a man’s way of saying he likes you. But for the most part “someone like you” is an indication that he doesn’t want you. He just wants someone else like you. He notices that you guys have a lot in common When you’re meeting someone and you start talking, you notice that you both like the same movies or the same actor. Saying it out loud is just a way of expressing it. Reading too much into it will simply lead to trouble. He teases you constantly Some men are goofy. They just like to crack jokes and mock at you. They like to irritate you because they know you secretly like the attention. You might want to see what he’s like around other girls before you jump to conclusions. He is always at your beck and call This is a sign that is misread by women more often than not. But the answer is very simple. Friends are always there for each other, no matter what, when or why. So girls please be careful….. don’t fall in love with your best-friend and get heart broken  …………Fashoyin Damilola


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