Nigerian Man Shares Photo Of SARS Police Officers Looking Like Armed Robbers


This Nigerian man named Horlarwhaley Ategbero has just taken to Facebook to call out SARS and he has gone viral as his post now has almost 7k shares, 3k likes and 1.4k comments his post read;
“You cant move freely in your country without being extra careful not to run into Sarz, It not that you are criminal but the harassment on youth is getting out of hand, they dont care about criminals , all they do is Target young boys with good phones and cars.. the pictures above are supposed to be Policemen looking like Highway Armed Robbers #EndSARS and return police to civil duties! …ocj…..DONT JUST CLICK LIKE ….SHARE IT”

See some reactions below;

Maureen Ujunwa “Hope u have jobs for them oo na ekwu nke di na tara from Libya no food and houses for them unu na ekwukwa Maka di Sars. Najia will turn to war zone soon”

Anthony Omibeku “What credibility have they got dressed like that ? Do they look official ? Do they look as though they representing the government ? Unprofessional dress sense creates a unprofessional attitude to their role, dress smart act smart !.”

Patrick Joe “I thunokha These bastard collected the sum of 70k on my hands saying that I’m a yahoo guy because they saw me with expensive phone on my hands, that was back then when I was in Nigeria”

Harry F Pola “SARS father well well. Work when my great grand papa work when I they collect the salary now. Na SARS they want worry me and my others worker. SARS go hear word very soon. Na wahala for who nor get oooo”


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