Jay Z In Partnership With Team Roc Come Through For A Black Family Assaulted By Police

Jay Z has once again lent a helping hand to another black Americans who have suffered unfair treatment in the hands of Police officers.

A young family including a six months pregnant woman and two children had guns pointed at them by the Pheonix Police Department for an alleged shoplifting situation. The family has filed lawsuit of $10 Million.

Responding to the matter which occurred last month Team Roc and Jay Z expressed their great disappointment at the incident and offered to help the family settle the matter in court and receive their compensation.

Team Roc reportedly hired high-power New York attorney Alex Spiro, the same lawyer who helped 21 Savage beat his immigration case to help the family.

“Our hearts go out to Dravon Ames, Iesha Harper and their children after this traumatic experience,” Team Roc’s Dania Diaz said in an email to HipHopDX. “They deserve compassion and empathy, not to have guns drawn at them and be dehumanized. That video is the picture of hate, shame on you! If they need our help — now or in the future — we are at their disposal.”

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