Gigi Lamayne Opens Up – “Social Media Broke Me”

Gigi Lamayne has opened up about something most celebrities suffer in silence – the negative effect social media has on them.

It is evident by now that Social Media can make as much as it can break, a number of celebrities have come forward to express how social media has led them to depression. When you a celebrity a lot of different things can be said about you from how you dress to how you speak, what you wear and what you say.

Gigi Lamayne has opened up through a tweet that she has been broken by social media. Last year the rapper opened up about depression when she came back from hospital after attempting to kill herself. On a number of interviews Gigi said that the depression was caused by her childhood experiences.

As a female rapper she mentioned that she has suffered discrimination for her skin colour and how she wears, all those factors can break any fragile person. “Social media broke me so much, I don’t think I feel anything anymore.”

AKA retweeted the tweet and said ““Here’s some advice that worked for me … just put your phone down.”

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