I’m A Lesbian — Nkechi Blessing Confesses Amidst Messy Breakup With Her ‘Husband’ Falegan


Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has raised eyebrows on social media after making a confession that gives an insight into the kind of person she is.

Amid her messy breakup with her politician husband, Opeyemi Falegan, Nkechi Blessing during an Instagram live conversation with her fans revealed that she is a lesbian.

Nkechi Blessing opened up on her s3xuality and she claimed it with her full chest saying that the fact that she is a homos3xual does not mean the world has come to an end.

This comes after Nkechi Blessing and her estranged husband Hon. Falegan washed their dirty clothes online and replying to some of his comments has exposed him to being a jobless man who depends on women for a living.

Nigerians have registered their disapproval in the way some celebrities talk about their failed marriages and relationships on social media.

ciciniata wrote; ‘ Wait all this people are supposed to be role models bah?? Yenyenyen my respect for some celebrities don reduce sha’

blaccquin; ‘So your marriage/home was like this yet you were bashing and trolling others who were in crisis….omo Guys once you see that a woman is not feminine or lacks basic feminine traits.. Run ?‍♂️

mahnieofficial ; ? see as una just dey wash dirty pants in public… I blame this trending “who never fuck up” song All of us na sinners,so why some of you na dey try comment like say you be saint??na just because say dem never catch us ?

brownlogistics; ‘Is this what a wife relates to the public concerning her husband, ex or not? I weep for most marriages. Secrets are no longer kept by both parties after break up. So what really happened to the good times spent together? How come we loose respect and values for one another so easily? This isn’t right at all. May God help us all.



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