Finally Samklef Reveals Reasons Why He Took A Jab At Wizkid On Twitter [Must Read]


A few days back, Music Producer –Samklef took a jab at Wizkid on Twitter with some very disturbing set of tweets. Wizkid did reply but for Samklef, that wasn’t going to be the end of everything. So, we took a walk to Samkef’s studio to hear all he had to say about his relationship Wizkid and he spilled it all out and dropped some very heavy facts and NAMES!!!

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Mr. Sam, what’s going on na?
I’m fine and you?
I’m good o. What’s been happening to you? You’ve been a bit quiet and all that.
Basically, I have not been quiet. I have been trying to put things in place because in this industry, you cannot survive without some certain things. I went to reinforce.
People actually thought you should still be on the major productions right now
Like I said, I decided to go into Multimedia because I was in that before now. I’m not just an artiste, I am a businessman. So I kinda went back to where I started from because right now, It’s a different ball game all together. I’m still in music as you can see because I just dropped a new single “NANA” featuring Skales and I have been shooting a lot of videos for my friends in the industry. Big things are coming up for me this year. It’s God’s time!

You moved based to the Island. Any reason behind that?

Location is necessary for growth. Island is like the new Hollywood right now. Most of my clients are based on the Island. I just want to start something new. The location change gives more leverage to what I do.

A couple of days ago, there was this uproar on Social Media about your tweets aimed at Wizkid. What happened? Why did you do that?

Okay, basically I have been faithful and loyal to Wizkid for so long. I’m gonna be 30 by next year and of which this guy is a kid and when he came to me, I didn’t look at his age, I was so humble to him because I love his talent and charisma. The only problem I have is that when the fame got to him, It was like we were competing. Take for instance, I walked up to him in 2011 for Nonilising video shoot and he told me the song was not good enough. 2012 again, I went to his house in Ogudu and presented him with a song – BIG Alomo. Again, Wizkid said the song was not good enough. I said no problem and waited again till 2013 and I now heard what he told a producer about me (name withheld) because I don’t want to involve anybody. This is my fight and I want to face. I sent Wizkid a text in 2013 and I said “Wizkid, why do you treat people who were there for you like sh*t?, I don’t need your money, just respect people and be good”. After that, I forgot the text and kept famzing him. I came to Lekki since January and I have been in the hotel since and I Just moved out about a month ago. I actually wanted to refresh my brain because at a point, I stopped believing in myself. So, I’ve been forcing myself to Wizkid and he has never invited me to his house as I have been the one going to his house on my own. At times, I would knock at his gate and the security will tell me he’s not around. I tried everything possible to get close to this guy but he was not ready to help my career.

People think this is a sort of publicity stunt by you.
It’s not a publicity stunt at all. I just feel this was the right time to respond to all the things he has been saying about me. I just needed to clear the air. People has been asking me why I’ve not been with Wizkid. We are not cool! We are not friends either. He doesn’t know my house. Wizkid has never called me for one day! The only time he called me was last year when I went to his house to help him record “JAIYE JAIYE”. You understand? I got love for this brother but I just want him to learn how to show love and carry people along. I’m not trying to create any beef at all. And the funny thing is that Wizkid went to pay bloggers to be retweeting his tweets and paid PR guys to start fighting me. I’m not fighting Wizkid. I was only trying to prove a point. Why didn’t he reply my accusations? Why is he saying he wishes my family well? I just felt like I should school this young boy.

I actually thought you only produced for him and that was it. Never knew you guys were cool. How did you get to meet Wizkid?

We were never cool. Me and Wizkid were NEVER friends. Let me tell you the story: I met Wizkid through Skales. Skales has been my friend from way back in Obalende through Vector and he heard my beats. I did Durella’s “My Life” back then. So, Skales told him that he has a friend called Samklef. So, Skales brought Wizkid to me and they paid me the first time – 50,000 but for me, it wasn’t about the money. All the while I was working with him, I didn’t cry for money or anything.

Looking back at the SUPERSTAR Album, I heard you were paid just 350k for producing over 6 songs on the album. Was that the agreement?

See, there was no agreement. I did those songs free of charge for them. You understand? So they paid me only N250,000.

250k? For all those songs??

Yeah. And I did not complain or go to any media house but the reason why I’m crying out loud right now is that Wizkid has been saying a lot of things about me and I needed to clear the air. You cannot spoil my own showbusiness. You cannot be spoiling people’s name. Like take for instance, Davido and Wizkid fight, I’m gonna say this right now: Davido was a cool guy. Davido invited Wizkid for Dami Duro video shoot. You people should understand that the issue is not Davido. Ths issue is Wizkid himself. He is smoking too much of we.ed and Marijuana and it’s affecting him mentally. He should just calm down.
Now, The new album “AYO” came out and you weren’t even on the production list.
He didn’t invite me! He didn’t call me for it. I don’t beg!

When exactly did this attitude start?

This bad attitude started in 2011

That’s 3 years ago??

Yeah. And he’s not the only one, you understand? I’ve been famzing Wizkid since 2011. After “Molowo Noni”, everything just changed. After that song, I started begging people for features. People were wondering why I’m not featuring all those stars. Why I’m not featuring D’Prince and the rest and I’m like “I’ve been calling these people for a very long time but they keep porting me”, treating me like I was an upcoming artiste. So, I just had to move on with my life. My new fanbase are loyal to me. Right now, it’s about success.

You were credited for actually bringing Wizkid out in terms of production with that album, according to industry experts. Did he give you props for that?

He didn’t give me props for that. He was listening to what the media people were saying like I was his boss, so he started reacting. He started giving me attitude. He was scared that I might be bigger so he decided to enslave me and then, I became his slave and started calling him boss.

I kinda think he should still be cool with you even if you guys don’t do a lot of business anymore

No, he didn’t. Okay, let me ask the world this question: Where is Godwin Tom today? Where is Osagie Where is Rotimi Rudeboy?? Ask Wizkid!! Where is everyone?? Davido was right! So, if you pay people to start tweeting at me, there is no problem. You are famous and you are blessed. I am part of your success and I don’t envy you at all. Before Wizkid met Akon, my friend already hooked the deal. Ossei, my friend has already contacted Akon. They were trying to go through my back and they didn’t want to carry me along on the Akon deal anymore. I was looking at Banky W and Wizkid and just wondering at what they were doing. I was like “Is this life’?? “Is this how people are so selfish??” They paid everybody. eLDee was involved. Tony Nwakalor was there too. Everyone were cheated. These people made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing
In some quarters, it is believed that you got into this fight with Wizkid as soon as you got into Skales’ camp
No, No!! This is not Skales’ fight. This is my fight. Skales got my back and I have got his too but it’s not his fight. I’m just letting people know that I am off from Wizkid’s life. If he calls me tomorrow, fine. I unfollowed him on Twitter already because I’ve been sending him DMs for years and he has never replied me for once.

Now, Wizkid replied to your recent tweets that you guys are family and he’s got love for you, praying for your family and all that

Does he know my family? Has he been to my house? Does he know my son? Family is blood, family is bond. Family love each other. So, what is he talking about? Wizkid is a child. So, if he is a kid, he should let people teach him how to be a man

He also said you were at his house about 2 weeks

I went to greet him. He didn’t invite me! I sat down, greeted everyone and I left. That’s how I’ve been doing when I go to his house. I just look at everyone and be like a foolish man. I’ve been going to Wizkid’s house UNINVITED for all my life! Except the day I recorded the JAIYE JAIYE song for him. He called me and I did the recording for him. I still have the template in my hard drive to prove to the world. I don’t want pity but just stating facts.

What exactly has he been saying about you?

He’s been saying my beat is wack. Let me show you a text so that you will understand. The text is from a producer too. Look at what he said. He said “let me tell you, this kid will learn”. He has attitude problem. One of the producers that make his recent his song just even reconciled with him. I was in studio when was composing “In My Bed”. I was there with him in the studio when he recorded ‘Show You The Money” , vibing with him and all that. I love this guy! You understand?
attitude issues started,

did you try reporting him to those that were close to him?

I’m not close to anybody. I know my people.

You didn’t contact Banky W, his boss?

I’m not even close to Banky W. See, nobody calls me and I told myself that I don’t want to sound childish. Osagie is my friend but I didn’t want to involve anyone in this because this is my fight. I did a track in Banky W’s recent album but he didn’t give me credit for it! What exactly do they take me for?

People think Wikzid left you because you didn’t evolve as a producer. What’s your take?

See, that’s not the issue. Stop spoiling my name. Stop talking at my back. I don’t want to talk much about this. I want to move on. You understand?
There are some other artistes that you’ve produced for but have also left you.
Why so particular about Wizkid?

See, In this industry, people are just wicked! They don’t want to see you grow. If you bring it on me, I’ll bring it on you. I don’t need any of them. I’ve got new people I’m working with. You understand? They should just watch out. God is involved na. I’m not afraid. It’s God who makes people, not man. I’m not regretting what I said at all.
You’ve gone so deep some people like with Ice Prince, D’Prince and some of these other guys and it really shouldn’t be an issue having them again. Why so difficult?
See, I’m not gonna call names right now. I’ve been calling a couple of people for years to feature them but they’ve not been picking my calls. They’ve been posting me for years till date. What are you talking about? Is this the industry we want to build? Is this the industry of love?

One last one. Would you still produce for Wizkid is he ever calls upon you?

Yes. If I’m producing for Wizzy, there has to be a contract involved. It is strictly business this time around. No more friendship. You understand? With or without Wizkid, I’ve been making my money. Is it N250,000 that I used to pay for my house rent? I bought my first car in 2011. So, Wizkid should just go and sleep and leave me alone. I don’t want him in my life. I’m moving on and it’s not beef. Just watch out! I got my new family now. It’s Showbiz, lets bring it on! If he calls me up today to settle, I will be willing to settle with him. No beef at all.
Thanks for your time mehn!
Yes Boss! 

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