Check Out The Story Of A Ghanaian Headteacher Who Has To Swim To School Every Day


Check Out The Story Of A Ghanaian Headteacher Who Has To Swim To School Every Day

It is not his fault that he swims as in order to get to school, he has to swim and this has really gotten many people wondering.

The name of this man is Mensah Kwame, and he is a teacher at Lonpe MA Primary School in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region.

He would have to ride his motorbike a very long way to get to school in time. But if this mode of transportation isn’t available, he could need to find another.

He would have to swim across the River Dakar after being given a 9-kilometer ride by a Good Samaritan who was traveling back from the hospital with his wife. He would then have to continue for three more kilometers.

This situation is made more worse by these difficulties, bad infrastructure, a shortage of furnishings, and a lack of textbooks.

Mensah Kwame first became involved with rural education after graduating from college in 2009; he has since transferred between schools and acknowledges that teaching at Lonpe is as risky as it is irritating.

Speaking in an interview with 3News, he said;

“Teaching in rural communities is not an easy task especially as I have to swim across this river everyday to get to my school. My family is very worried.

The pupils are at a huge disadvantage because I have to teach all the classes from Basic One to Six and this is stressful.”


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