“Beverly Osu & I Are Living Together” – Bimp Reveals


Here is what he told Punch in a recent interview;

“I am still discovering Nigeria. It is not easy for a foreigner to just come into the business. But I am lucky because I had the exposure of Big Brother Africa.
I was committed to someone.I found out that she was cheating on me. I did not cheat on her or engage in any other relationship. The reason was not because of her, I also did it to respect myself. I always said that if I found out she was cheating; there was no way I would be with her because I would be unable to trust her.It would have been two years in March. I was in Nigeria when I found out. I had plans to bring her to Nigeria.” continue…

Are you thinking of dating a Nigerian now that you are in Nigeria?
No. You must be the first person who is not asking me if I am with Beverly.
I thought she was dating someone and you are just nice friends?
Would you be surprised if Beverly and I started dating?

I won’t be surprised, are you thinking of dating Beverly?
I don’t have a plan. You can never plan emotions.

Now that she is living in your house, don’t you have feelings for her?
I and Beverly were in the same bed for three months. We woke up together.

That’s because you were committed to somebody else at the time
That’s true.

How are you coping with Nigerian dishes?
I like ofe nsala. Beverly’s mother makes the best ofe nsala. I cannot eat amala and okro. I like rice, plantain and goat pepper soup.

Not Surprise anyway..


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