I Was Once Forced To Pull Off My Trouser In The Market–Beautiful Nubia


Classical music artiste, Olusegun Akinlolu better known as beautiful Nubia, has turned himself into a comedian as he recounts his most embarrassing moment.

Nubia, who graduated as a Veterinary Doctor and also dabbles as a Poet, explained that he was once embarrassed in an open market where women had to laugh at him.

“I went to Bodija market in Ibadan to buy somethings. So, in the middle of the market, something ran into my trouser. I wasn’t sure it was a snake or whatever. It lodged into my crotch, where your most valuable thing is. So, I held unto it and all the market women started asking me, ‘Akowe, what’s the problem (Educated fellow, what is the problem)’?”

“I just took off my trouser in the middle of the market. The thing ran out and people started shouting and laughing, it was a mouse that ran out,” the musician recounted.


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