AKA Shares The Big Project He Is Working On With Reebok

If you thought that AKA losing out on award will tone down the speed of his hustle, then you thought wrong. Supa Mega is all ready on for even bigger things for this year.

Taking to Instagram to share the news he said that people can expect something huge from him, apparently he is on his way to the US in Boston to the Reebok headquarters to seal a certain type of deal that he revealed so little about.

“Headed to Reebok Headquarters in Boston. Can’t tell you too much yet, but we’re close to pulling off something really cool and really massive for the culture.”

AKA seems to have so much going in secrete earlier this year he teased that he is working with Huawei but not much was revealed afterwards. Mid last month he was seen celebrating and working on his Cruz Vodka edition. Apart from Cruz and Reebok, the rapper is working on an album he hasn’t released a date for.

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