Social Media’s Reaction To The Speech HHP’s Son Leano Gave At The SAMAs25

One of the biggest moments at the SAMAs25 this past weekend was when HHP was awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award which his son Leano accepted on his behalf.

The speech Leano gave on the show left most in tears and proud of the young man he is growing up to be. The touching parts included him saying he wishes heaven had visiting hours. He passed gratitude to his grandparents who have been there for him and how he is honoured to be the voice of his father. The shocking part was how he managed to keep it all together considering how he even lost his mother a few weeks after his father died.

Jabba’s last message on social media to his son was a birthday wish where he revealed how he left an exam he was about to write when he was alerted Leano’s mom was giving birth.

“Exactly this time 14 years ago I walked out of my film analysis exam because I got the sms ‘my water broke’. Ian my then lecturer turned invigilator; told me if I walk out I will have to repeat the year. I explained why I had to leave but he insisted that if I walk out – I will fail. I left.”
HHP made it clear that he was grateful he left and that the decision changed the direction of his life.

“I returned the following year to try to repeat and I had become so famous I couldn’t get to the end of the registration line. To this day I remind Leano that he’s my living breathing film degree. Tomorrow he turns 14-years-old,” he wrote last year.

Here’s how Social Media’s Reacted To The Speech HHP’s Son Leano Gave At The SAMAs25:

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