A Guide To Summer Camping On The Beach


During summer, there are a lot of swings, meaning, you will have great opportunities to spend your night out on the beach. When you are camping on the sand, it might be a bit different from when camping in the woods. This means that, before you embark on your camping, you should take precaution ahead of time. For the trip to be more fun and to minimize on the hussle, it is best you consider the following tips before going for beach resorts such as Perdido beach resort.

  • Choose the right beach: Camping at the beachside tends to be illegal on most beaches which are public. This means that you will need to plan in advance where you are going. You will be able to find some of the best spots which might be far away from some of the beaches meant for tourists. You need not be afraid to go off the beaten path. You will also have to research the local wildlife and ensure that it is safe both for the crittens and for you. If you are not sure, then you can as well call the area home.
  • Pitch a tent: Though some romance movies might portray that sleeping on the sand is cool, it is not in reality. You will just end up waking with wads of it stuck all over you and cause you a rash. It will be best if you set up a tent which should be away from the water to avoid the tide which might change. If you find dunes, then you should park behind them if not, the wind might blow against you throughout the night.
  • Leave no impact: There are those who might suggest to you to leave your waste under the sand or wash up in the water at the sea when you require a shower. But you need to remember that, such acts will impact on the environment negatively. If you carried it to the beach with you, then it is up to you to carry it back with you when you leave. You can bring along with you a trash bag which is sealable. When you want to do any cleaning, use at the campsite a soap which is biodegradable and ensure that the wastewater is disposed on the dry land.
  • Don’t make a fire: Even if it is not illegal to light a fire at the beach, the environment and you will be served better by use of portable stove. This is due to the fact that the beaches at times create circumstance which is windy which could easily cause the fire to spread. When you use the stove, it will also lessen the quantity of the harmful emissions which are dispelled into the air and at the same time, it cooks faster than fire.
  • Your gear has to be inside: Beaches normally have damp, cool weather, and thus, if you leave your clothes, backpacks and other valuables outside, it might result into a disaster. There is a likelihood of dew building up and you will wake up when your gear is all damp. Apart from being uncomfortable to handle, wearing clothes which are moist could be a recipe for sickness. And in case you don’t leave everything out to dry first before bringing it inside, you might just be inviting molds.
  • Water has to be nearby: This refers to water, which you can be in a position to drink. Water from the ocean is normally salty and it might be impossible to drink it. So you need not count on it for keeping hydrated. Even if you have you are able to carry with you your own bottled water, it will be far much better if you have an alternative water supply that is close by. Carry with you some iodine pills and have a system for filtration in case you happen to run out of water and you need to do a refill.
  • Carry a dustpan and a broom: Though it sounds silly, that it might just be a good idea. If you have ever gone to the beach, then you should be knowing how the sand happens to get onto everything. It will get on your stove, inside your tent, and all over your clothes. So when you have a dustpan and a broom, on hand it will ensure that you get help and stay clean.
  • Bundle up: Even in the summer, camping on the beach can be an experience which is uncomfortable if you are not able to bring with you the right clothes. Most of the time the temperature might just drop when you are next to the ocean and the same tank tops and trunks that you wore in the day might not be warm enough. You can carry with you a sweater and some blankets which are warm so that you don’t freeze at night.


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