What Men Should Consider Before Purchasing A Watch


Men don’t wear jewelry quite often and thus, the watch tends to be the man’s main accessory and it is something which can say quite a lot concerning a man’s personality and style. The watch that you end up settling for is normally an extension of your style and that is why you need to choose one which will be able to reflect the real you like an Omega Speedmaster.

It is not an easy task as a man, to choose a watch that will be suitable for use. There is a need to remember that, every man has a different wrist, a watch that might be good for one wrist might not be good for the other. This means that you have to be careful in order to get the best for your hand.

Some of the things that you should consider before you purchase a watch will include:

  • Chronograph: This is the type of watch which has the ability to measure the intervals of time just like a stopwatch. If you have a need for a function which is a chronograph, it will be able to help you in timing your runs and keeping time for your friends. But in case you want a watch as a fashion statement, it will be able to add to your kick to complete your sophisticated and masculine look.


  • Tachymeter: If you are a speed junky, then you must have this type of watch. It is a racing-inspired watch which is normally accompanied by a tachymetric bezel, which refers to the outside dial rim. It has a scale which will ensure that you can be able to calculate the speed of an object which is moving. It is a function which is important for fans and drivers of formula one.



  • Quartz movement: If you are looking for a watch which is fuse free, then you need to get one that is of quartz movement. It is different from the mechanical movement watch due to the fact that it doesn’t need any winding as its power is from the battery. You will need to replace it from time to time. Watches which have quartz movement are popular due to the fact that they offer most accurate time and most affordable timekeepers which are readily available for use in the modern world.


  • Self-winding mechanism: To be able to power up a mechanical piece you will need to wind it manually or leave it to wind itself automatically. In case you are a professional who is busy and prefers to allow technology to work for you, then you are better opting for the watch which is automatic.


  • Luminosity: If you like it when you see a watch glowing in the dark and wished that you had one that does not lose its luminosity, then you should get yourself a timepiece which is able to use micro gas light which is a material which emits light on its own. The micro gas tubes which are fitted in the minute and hour hands, and the maker of hours, ensure that you will be in a position to read the time even when the conditions of light are extremely low.


  • Glass vs crystal: The watch dial cover is normally constructed from mineral glass or sapphire. While the sapphire crystal could be considered to be more resistant when it comes to scratches as compared to the mineral glass, it tends to also be brittle which means, it is easy for it to crack or chip when the materials are exposed to equal number of stress. In case you are the type of person who enjoys the rugged life such as climbing the rock or trail biking during the weekend, ensure that you opt for a watch which will not be able to get damaged easily.


  • World time function: In case you are a globetrotter who tends to always travel in different time zones, then getting a watch with a function for a world time could be the best thing that you could do for yourself. With the ability to be able to display time in 24 different zones, you will be in a position to jet set throughout the world and not at all lose track of the hours.


  • Diving watch: Just like the racing watches, the timepiece for diving should not miss in any man’s collection of watches; whether you are a diver or not. A quality diver watch needs to have a water resistance of up to 200m before it can be considered to be as a diving watch. This means that it is not supposed to be just a splash watch which you can easily use in a local swimming pool. If you are a diving enthusiast, you will need to look out for models which can be in a position to go as deep as 1000m



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