You’re Full Of Crap—Fan Tells Halima Abubakar


Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, is at it again and she has been slammed by fan on twitter over a racism allegation. She was engaged in war of words with a follower, who bluntly told her that she is “full of crap”.

Trouble started when the controversial actress posted a picture of an airplane in the sky with people sitting at the top of it the ‘Mexican be like on our way to Brazil.’

This got reactions from some of her followers, who condemned her for such action. The following conversation ensued afterwards.

Ghanawedding: This isn’t funny, lol ok a bit hilarious but stereotypical.

Don_Kristo: Stereotypical, racist, not funny. Mexicans are really good people and struggle like us. It’s not good to make fun of them like that. Pls take this down.

Halimabubakar: So I made diz? @don_kristo do you think I make fun of ppl?chill yea,go tru my post and see d lighter side of life 1 is a racist @ghanawedding hope u hapi?

Don_kristo: Not saying you are racist, but the post is. I have a lot of Mexican friends and I think this post is disrespectful.

Don_kristo: You can make a joke about guys, ladies, etc just generally, but when you make fun of a particular set of people that is downright stereotypical bordering on racist. Especially not now when there is a huge outcry against Latin Americans crossing the border illegally. Let’s just be humane.

Halimabubakar: So all d ones about Nigeria,is not?am only replying u for just a lil reason…pls fight for nigeria and sum Nigerians we who all judge bf understanding..kindly dont tag me again..wit that I leave u with d word laff to silly lil stuff. its notting!! Thx @don_kristo

Don_kristo: Never tagged you. Just stopped following you. You really are full of crap. Nigerians making fun of Nigerians is not stereotyping. And pls don’t tag me anymore if all you can do is use foul and insulting language.


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