I Will Do Anything To Have S£x With My Father Again (Lady Confesses)

wpid-benefits-of-S£x-in-a-relationship-and-marriage.jpgA lady has make a shocking confession about having an affair with her father.

Read what she said below:

I didn’t cry. It was painful what he did, but I didn’t cry. He said it was okay.

I didn’t cry the second time either. I liked it. He was gentler. He told me it was our secret, our special thing, and no one should know about it.

I went to him the third time it happened, it was raining and the thunders scared me. We did it again, I enjoyed it. We began to do it more often, and each time I enjoyed it more.

I was twelve that first time, and a happy , happier than any other I knew. I doubt if any other had so much . I was my father’s lover and he was mine. Everything was perfect.
And then, on my twentieth , the unthinkable happened.

My father broke up with me. Just like that. He said it wasn’t right, what we do, and that we must stop. End of matter. It felt like a full stop at the end of an epitaph. It was too sudden.
I had no warning, no premonition. The break up was like death. I had taken the week off from school just to be with the only man in my life, the best man I ever knew, or so I thought. I thought my would have ended sensually, like all the others. It was usually the best present he gave me, a passionate night of making right out of a romance novel.

It had been a while. My higher had taken me away. And I sorely missed my beloved father. I went home that day with thoughts of my father obscuring all other thoughts. I arrived late in the evening. He wasn’t home yet. I made myself as adorable as he liked. It was not hard. My allure had never needed much artificial furnishings; a touch here and a touch there, and I would be set to win any beauty contest. That evening I was at my best.
All my preparations and quivering anticipation was to have ended in bliss, the kind only my father could give me. TO BE CONTINUED keep a Date. . . . .

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