Why You Should Never Wash Eggs Before Cooking


Why You Should Never Wash Eggs Before Cooking

Cleanliness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

And when we talk about the kitchen and foods, it becomes even more important to keep things clean and hygienic.

But, sometimes this hygiene can be dangerous too. Wondering why?

Well, we all wash foods before consumption as a healthy kitchen practice, but, washing eggs before consumption is not healthy.

Read below to know why.

Avoid washing eggs before cooking
According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), there are federal regulations that require the washing and coating of all commercially produced eggs. And when you wash it again at home the process removes the natural protective coating called ‘cuticle’ or ‘bloom’ from the surface of the egg. (Image: istock)

What actually happens?
As per USDA, once the commercial eggs are washed at poultry, a film of edible mineral oil is coated so that no bacteria contaminate or penetrate the eggs. As per experts, the rigorous washing of eggs under cold or running water at home might push the bacteria inside the egg, as the eggshell is porous and make the egg unfit for consumption.

What’s the solution?
As per experts, if you are buying farm-fresh eggs and do not want to skip this step, use warm water and do not use soap. Also, if you are buying eggs from a supermarket, then strictly avoid the practice of washing eggs, as it will only spoil the eggs and cause damage to health.

Final words
Now that you know the eggs are already washed; you can skip the step and concentrate on the dish. Having said that, farm-fresh eggs are meant to be washed, but only with warm water.


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