Why I Hate Tattoos — Vector



Nigeria’s rapper, Vector da Viper, has expressed his displeasure over the body painting which to to him is a bad idea but base on individual’s perception.

The singer stated he believes the body is sacred and should only be altered when there is a compelling reason to do so.

He explained that he was recently at cool tattoo parlour in Vegas, where he saw nice designs but since he never had affection for it, he chose to walk away rather than wanting to have one.

Speaking on the recent increase of rappers turning to singers, Vector explained that rap music is not losing any vibes but people just get to a point in their career where they feel they can express their other skills.

“People who we identify as rappers are also talented in other fields, should they be scared to show what else they can do because of certain unreasonable expectations? It is not like we are trying to be Celine Dion for crissakes. I remember Supernova with Kanye and Mr Hudson, Kanye West out sang Mr Hudson who is a natural singer. So it is not like rap music is going anywhere, it is just that people get to a point where they feel comfortable about showing other skills and if they can do it well, why not? Poetry, lyricism, bounce, rhyme, they are still present in the singing,” he told Ynaija.


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