Gasmillaa.k.a The King ofAzonto has released his second video after a long wait. The video is for a hip hop/azonto song ‘‘Loud InUr Speakers’’. Gasmilla who has stated on various platforms that the Azonto music that he does is by choice and not because of a deficiency in talent has finally vindicated himself.
This very fiery track has a fine blend of metaphors in English and Ga which he terms as ‘‘Gaglish’’.
His rap style and sense comes with a delivery worth doffing one’s hat for. The video’s paced editing,
subtle colour aesthetics and grit approach add up to the imagery depictions of the lyrics. On the whole Gasmilla has proved to all that he can jump on a track with any rapper anywhere and give a good account of himself. Writer, singer, dancer, rapper and proven lyricist; Gasmilla delivers on the attributes of an all-round performer. We are looking forward to seeing more from this rising multi-talented Content Ink artiste.

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