Ugandan Lady Stabs Nigerian Boyfriend In Malaysia Over S£x (Graphic Photos)



A Nigerian man named Epa is currently fighting for his life in a hospital in Malaysia. According to the story circulating from Uganda, his alleged girlfriend Phiona Namatovu aka Aaliyah, a Ugandan babe operating in Malaysia stabbed him after he stepped in her house for a steamy romp.

According to reports, Namatovu accuses the Nigerian boyfriend of R,aping one of her girlfriends for
hours. Epa is reportedly a 60-year-old father of 6. Aaliyah is allegedly into trafficking Ugandan girls to Malaysia for prostitution.

Aaliyah is said to have gotten shocked seeing her partner on her pal. As she wept in pain and agony, she picked up a sharp object and brought him down. She is reportedly currently being held by the Malaysian police for attempted murder.

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