Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life


Who should be a member of your friend group?

It is difficult to go through life without the help and support of people. Here are five types of people we need in our lives;

1. The friend who takes care of us

They are like parent figures in our lives and make us feel loved.

Do you have this friend who always looks out for you, asks if you haven’t eaten or if you are alright many times a day, when you are sick, they make such a fuss and take care of you?

2. The friend who will always tell you the truth

We could all use a little brutal honesty. You don’t want a friend who lies to you about your mistakes, and you should not be the friend who gets upset when you are told the truth or their version of it.

But even in saying the truth, kindness matters! Those kinds of friends are the best because you can always rely on them for honest advice.

3. The friend who cheers you up

This kind of friend is always fun to be with. Whenever they are around you, they lift your spirit and make you feel good about yourself by the kind of jokes they tell and their general vibe.

4. The friend who motivates you

These friends are interested in your growth, career-wise, intellectually and in every part of your life. They share opportunities with you, recommend you to others and inspire you to become a better person.

5. The friend who listens to you

At the heart of it, you need someone to talk to, a companion and a sounding board. Someone who just listens to you and from their listening ears, you can get a sense of direction.



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