Transgender Woman In Ghana Set To Marry Her Pastor Fiance

Angela Coleman, a 26-year old , has revealed plans to get married to her man, a Belgium-based Ghanaian pastor.

In an exclusive interview with Joy News, Angela spoke about her new found self.

“I wasn’t born this way but circumstances brought me here and I believe it was God’s intention for me to change into a woman someday”.

Narrating how the change came about, she disclosed:

“I was initially scared because I was receiving death threats just because people thought I was gay but now I don’t think there is someone out there who hates me so I feel proud and free-spirited and my family is okay with who I have become. I completely feel like a woman and would have killed myself if I hadn’t undergone the surgery”.

According to Angela Coleman, Belgium-based Pastor will be the first man in her life since becoming a transgender.

“I am attracted to men and I have a boyfriend who is in his late forties. I was surprised because I never believed I would date or marry a pastor but he proposed about eight months ago and it was a very wonderful feeling.

“We are making plans towards a big wedding and his family has accepted me for who I am with his mom coming down on May 27 to see me”, Angela disclosed.

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