Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know Drains Your Phone Battery


Things you didn’t know that drains your phone battery.

1. WiFi
Browsing through WiFi can can give you peace of mind and save you phone battery,true.
But you didn’t know that your phone constantly searching for WiFi signals puts a strain on battery life. So it is advisable to put on your WiFi only when you have a signal or hotspot to connect to.

2. Running multiple apps at one
The more apps you keep running on your phone,the more it drains battery life. Even in sleep mode,apps that are left open in the background still commandeer a percentage of battery life. Keep only the apps you’re using at moment open in your tab.

3.Screen brightness
Setting your phones screen to a high resolution have immense effect on your battery life. So keeping your phone at a low resolution helps in improving battery life.

4. Facebook App
Surprising right? When it comes to killing boredom,Facebook can be of great help. But as its killing boredom,its also killing your battery. Its advisable to use the web version of Facebook rather than the app.

5. Close applications the proper way.
Force stopping applications is the proper way of killing and application because some application still run in the background even though its be terminated from the tab.

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