Toni Payne Advises Freeze On Marriage Crisis



Renowned Publicist, Toni Payne, has urged Freeze to keep his marriage crisis away from the public and handle the issue like a matured mind.

The top OAP in Nigeria has been making comments on his estranged wife, which some people are not happy about.

Toni Payne, whose marriage to singer, 9ice, packed up some months after they got married, told Freeze to consider the children they both had together in their union.

She said, “Stop! You guys have kids together no? I understand the temptation to call out a bad ex but truth be told those you complain to publicly don’t really care. I doubt one single person who comments or spreads it will come over to comfort you, help mediate or cook your Egusi soup.

“It will be gist for a few days till they move on to the next gist. Sort this internally please and channel the energy instead into creating awareness about male domestic abuse in a proactive way. All this won’t solve anything bro. You are blessed!”

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