To Hell With Your Awards Shows – Tobi Grey


Fast rising singer Toby Grey has penned down an outburst “To Whom It May Concern” on her social media page.
A glance at the epistle, shows that the “Do” crooner considers some so called “credible” and “prestigious” award shows a sham.
Toby Grey opined that these so called “credible” and “prestigious” awards are more often than not rigged in favour of less deserving artistes. She also highlighted her struggle as an Indie artiste.
Read her unedited note on IG below.
What amazes me the most is the hypocrisy of people when it comes to awards. Everybody wants an award for doing nothing..dunno about you but I’d rather not get any than be made history on so called “credible” or “prestigious” awards. As an indie artist people don’t know the work you put in all in the name of blowing! You have to pay for everything cos of course music is an expensive business.
But how much is your 10k or 20k worth when someone will pay a radio station for the whole year? Who will play your music. God’s grace and loyal fans is all you have to live on. To hell with award shows that make you history!
Where were dey when you needed support? Best thing is to keep grinding until people see behind the flimsy facade of those that refuse to help. A tree cannot form a forest whether you like it or not. To those that we have to beg before they show support, I pray you live forever.
Eventually what will be will be. Ish #ENBG


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