This APC Woman Has Emerged First Female Governor In Nigeria


Change is the only constant thing in life, and APC was smart to adopt the word as its slogan.


The wind of change blowing across the land has thrown up a huge surprise in Taraba State with the emergence of a lady as the next governor of the state. That person is Senator (Mrs.) Aisha Jummai.

See the results Naijaolofofo.Com has received so far from Taraba State below:


1) Jalingo: Barade, Kofar Bashir Mai Lamba004
Governorship: APC: 574 PDP: 9 SDP: 10 DPP: 1 PDM: 1House of Assembly: APC: 423 SDP: 127 PDM: 5 PDP: 33 DPP: 12)

Jalingo Senator Aisha Polling Unit. Lamorde Primary School
APC 972 PDP 273)

Jalingo 1 Kofan Lawan Tela Anguwan Rariya
Governorship: APC 546 PDP 12 SDP 8
House of Assembly: APC 381 PDP 63 SDP 96 PDM 334)

Jaling Bayan Gidan Lawan Governorship: APC 553 PDP 4 SDP 6 PDM 3
House of Assembly: APC 289 PDP 71 SDP 1595)
Gassol LGA: Wuryo Ward Njiddawo 2
Governorship: APC: 340 PDP: 21House of Assembly: APC: 330 PDP: 196)

Mutum-Biyu Ward(A) Polling Unit Julde (1) Polling code 006
Governorship: APC 332 PDP 367)

Mai Zare 2
Governorship: APC 390 PDP 09 SDP 11 House of Assembly: APC 244 PDP 11 SDP 1338)

Maizare 1
Governorship: APC 331 PDP 2 SDP 5
House of Assembly: APC 191 SDP 140 PDP13

More results coming in… and when confirmed she will be the first elected Female Governor in Nigeria.


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