There’s No Yahoo Anymore, People Are Now Into Money Rituals (MUST READ)


The love of money and desperation to become rich anyhow and anyway has eaten deep into the heart of Nigerian Youth nowadays.

They can go to any length just to make money and enjoy life without putting into consideration the consequences attached to their ill gotten wealth.

They want to buy BenzPorsheRolls RoyceRange Rover and to als in mansions and can go any lenght to achieve the feat hence involving themselves in unbelievable act without a second thought.

The new trend in Lagos is Shit eating just to make money and also to join the Lagos big boys squad.

Well, according to what someone sent to us, Yahoo is no longer in existence as 90% of those boys claiming to be a Yahoo guys are nothing but a Ritualist all hiding under the Yahoo umbrella.

Read what was sent to us below:-

You all should be careful as nobody is to be trusted these days.



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