There is nothing wrong with Erotic Scenes — Ramsey Nouah


Ramsey Nouah


Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah, has come out to defend the recent nudity in Nollywood by stating that he sees nothing wrong with it.

Reports by TNS has it that the actor who is always blunt with his manner of approach to some certain issues bothering the make-belief industry did not hide his feelings about how romantic roles are being perceived.

Ramsey says there is nothing wrong the romantic scenes in movies as far as they are done in a professional way.

He is quoted as saying, “There is nothing wrong with playing erotic scenes so long as they are done professionally. That is why I am encouraging young and aspiring actors, script writers and cameramen to disregard the widely held opinion that Nollywood stars are lay-abouts and join hands with us in moving the industry forward.“


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