The 3 Types Of Churchgoers



In church, there are many types of people who attend. There are also many reasons why they attend church.
The three different types of churchgoers are,

1. Hypocrites:
Hypocrites are those who come to church and claim to be a Christian, but when they go home its a different story. They usually come to church about twice a week. In church, you usually can find them sitting all over the church. During praise and worship you can find them praising the Lord and praying as if they where passionate churchgoers. In church hypocrites are some of the best Christian you would ever see. It is just when they go home is where things go wrong. Hypocrites are a crazy bunch of churchgoers, but they are a big part of the church.

2. Only Sunday:
Then there are those who only come on Sunday. They are usually force to come to church by parents or someone with power over them. In church they can be found sitting anywhere from the front to the back of the church depending on their age. During praise and worship you can usually find most of them sitting down or sleeping. They also love coming to church when there is a meal after service. Even though they might come once a month they are still a part of the church.

3. Passionate Churchgoers:
Passionate churchgoers are the heart and soul of all churches. These are the most active members of the church. They love to come to church. They can be found in church just everyday sitting from the front to the middle rows. Passionate churchgoers know just about everybody in the church. During praise and worship you usually can find them clapping their hands and having a good time. They usually hang around after church and fellowship with everyone.

So which category do u fall in?


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