Super Falcons Refuse To Leave Hotel Over Unpaid Bonuses

Super Falcons Refuse To Leave Hotel Over Unpaid Bonuses

Nigeria’s Super Falcons have begun a sit-in protest at their hotel in Grenoble France, over their unpaid bonuses.

According to ESPN, the protest began after their elimination by Germany in the Women’s World Cup on Saturday.

The players told ESPN that they would not leave the hotel until they are paid the bonuses they are owed from two past games, against Gambia and Senegal, from two and three years ago.

The bonuses totalled about $5,600. The players alleged that they have only been paid half of the money. According to ESPN, the Super Falcons also claimed that they are owed five days of daily allowance while at the World Cup.

The players are also demanding their share of the World Cup participation fee from FIFA, which is not scheduled to be paid out until September.

In 2016, the Super Falcons also staged a protest over bonuses after winning the 2016 African title in Cameroon.

Also in 2004, the team sat in at a South African hotel for three days in after winning the African title, until outstanding allowances were paid.

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