Stogie T Reveals The Number Of Cigars He Smokes In A Day

A curious fan on twitter asked the question we have all been wondering and that’s is how many cigars he actually smokes in a day.

has created an image and name for himself as the only SA rapper who puffs heavily on Cigars instead of weed. He did make clear in the past that the way he has gotten used to cigars he can’t imagine himself going a day without smoking one.

“I have convinced myself I can’t breathe without a cigar. I have convinced myself of that. Whether we are looking good or in dire straits, this cigar is getting smoked,” he said with a slight laugh,” he said during a radio interview on 702 with Azania back in 2017.

Cigars are rated the most expensive type of smoke, in SA prices roughly range from R400 to R1200. Stogie hasn’t answered how much he spends on what he considers his little paradise.

Now the rapper that in a day he smokes 3 cigars.

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