Stogie T Opens Up About Idolising Rappers Who Are “Drug Dealers & Racists”

Stogie T has recently became one of the few rappers to publicly admit that he is actually a fan of rappers who are or were racists or drug dealers. He stated that as much as they were all that none of them can ever be deemed wack.

Most hip hop musicians from the past some even today have been accused of dealing drugs, being egoist, misogynistic and bogus woke as Stogie mentioned but that never is enough reason to decide that they are rapping game isn’t on point.

The likes of most loved rappers from history such as Tupac, Biggie and Eminem to say the least were involved in many controversial issues some were reported to be gangster members, but that still didn’t make rap music lovers think less of their talents.

Stogie T being a rapper himself feels that none of the attributes that make up a person makes them a less talented. “Some of my favorite rappers were/are drug dealers, delinquents, conmen, pseudo-scientists, bogus woke, mysogenists, racists, pathological egoists but not one can be accused of being wack. Can you say the same about yours?” he wrote.

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