Speed Darlington Shares Photo Of The Lady Who Inspired His Song ‘Adaier’


Nigerian ‘superstar’ singer, Speed Darlington, took to Instagram to share a throwback photo with the lady who inspired his song ‘Adaier’.

According to him, the Dominican girl liked him but his impatience spoilt everything good in their relationship. Here’s what Speed Darlington wrote;

This is *ADAIER* the girl who inspired my song Adaier. The bitch did me 30. Dominican girl at least liked me, it’s was my inpacentness spoied the whole thing. But African American right here? Never liked me noooooo. Every day *buy me* *buy me* buy me this buy me that yet I still didn’t see her bra strap. I’m one of those guys that likes to impress girls on 1st dates meaning I tend to spend hundreds of dollars by 2nd date we going to African food.

I took this bitch all the way downtown on TIME SQUARE back in 2005 the same year my truck was made to eat after that she asked for *Chinese Shih Tzu* am like what is that? She goes “it’s a lap dog very cute” in my mind am like *see as am in USA about to blow hefty $800 on a lap dog while my groundmother in West Africa never got a $200 gift from me* so I knew right away that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Many girls believe that African guys are suckers who are willing to spend their retirement on a girl. Which is true some African guys do that but NOT me. If feed you so you can have energy for $ex yet nothing happens I cut her off.



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