Soulja Boy Opens About His Plans Of 2019 When He Gets Out Of Jail

Rapper Soulja Boy was last month convicted of various criminal charges including kidnapping and weapon possession.

Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Way, is currently serving a 240-day jail sentence for violating his parole. He also must complete 265 days of community service once he’s released.

Even though he is currently serving his time he managed to make an Instagram video where he spoke about his future plans and gave thanks to his fans for the support.

“I’m just letting all my fans know I’m finna be home real, real soon. The biggest comeback of 2019 continues. You hear me? It’s going down, ya dig what I’m saying? The album on the way. The shoes on the way. The movie on the way.

“I been reading all y’all letters, man,” he said. “I appreciate it, man. I’m going on tour, man. Like I said, the biggest comeback of 2019. Jail!?! Jail!?! Come on, man. You know I do this. Aye, shout out to everybody that’s been holding me down, [that’s] come to visit me, putting money on my books. I love all my fans, it ain’t over. It’s a minor setback for a major comeback,” he added.


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