Slay Queen Called To Bar Recounts Her Experience At Nigerian Law School

Chukwuba Chiluba and law school experience

Chukwuba Chiluba and law school experience

A lady who was called to Bar today in Abuja, has recounted her experience at the Nigerian Law School. According to Chukwuba Chiluba, some of her colleagues at the Nigerian Law school, Lagos campus didn’t make it due to the death, madness and other reasons.

Chukwuba Chiluba and law school experience

Chukwuba Chiluba and law school experience

Chukwuba Chiluba and law school experience

Read what she shared on Facebook below;

Nigerian Law School especially Lagos campus is the toughest campus. If you want stress ,go there. We sit in class from 9-5pm. Sometimes we don’t get to leave class till 6 or 7pm just because we want to learn ! After which we must hold group meetings for presentation the next day. And the cycle continues.
People faint in class or even drop out because they couldn’t cope. A man lost his child but had to sit for the compulsory law dinner , I couldn’t imagine the pain he went through.

A particular set had a woman who went into labour in the examination hall, she had to finish her exam in the ward , law school pities no one !

Some even ran mad .While we lost others to the cold hands of death.

At one point I broke down, I became sick and pale . Adaobi Chinazom Eze came to visit me on campus and I begged her to take me with her , I didn’t mind tagging along . She promised to come pick me and she didn’t. I really take it as an insult when people make fun of lawyers in Nigeria, truth is there might not be all that glamour but my dear it isn’t easy !

I also find it offensive when people make fun of those who didn’t pass law school, some of you would be lost in civil litigation class and would come out insane. Before you force your child to study law , please ask him/her if that is what they want ,because it isn’t easy .

Six years of learning, Is not easy. And for those of us who didn’t study in private universities you can remember our “university strike ” experience which put our education on hold , we would have graduated a long time ago. I graduated since 2015 , but didn’t go to law school because this.

If law is so simple, go study it , I hope you have the money and intelligence to facilitate this ambition, it’s not easy, so when you hear or say lawyers are proud , we accept ! It’s not a career or course for the fickle minded or the “basic”…
And even as a female in the legal world , there is this disgusting stereotype that we tend to be jezebels , who no man would want , well if no man wants us , money wants us ,who cares !

Today I celebrate my girls.
Congratulations to us .


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