RELATIONSHIP TIPS: Six Major Red Flags In A Relationship

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Relationship red flags are warnings but some can be forgiven or overlooked,When people get too attached, they convince themselves there partners would change over time .

Here are Six relationship red flags you should have a look at again.

1.Jealousy; it makes us feel loved and cared for when our partners guard us and act protective. But when jealous develops to intense jealousy that seems possessive and controlling, that’s a red flag. Jealousy at its core is a fear of loss and when someone fears loosing you, It can lead to obsession. They’ll get suspicious of everything you do, monitor you and make too many rules.

 2. Keeping your relationship a secret:  People love talking about their partners. How caring and sweet they can be and mostly just for show offs. But what happens when your partner wants to keep the relationship a secret? Know your partner’s reason, survey it and decide if you will accept it or not. Leave if it makes you feel unhappy.

3. Endless discussion about ex: It is okay for your partner to mention a few things about your ex when he/she is prompted to but it can really be annoying when it becomes an habit. Listen Closely, your partner may still be hung up with someone he or she used to date. Watch out for lines like “my ex boyfriend loves when I sing” or “my ex girlfriend used to pick out clothes for me”
They might have something they would like you to do cause they really love it but when it comes to comparing, have a second thought. Has he or she moved on?

4. Mismatched libidos;  Having different sex drives can ruin a relationship if there is no understanding, communication and some amount of work. But when you cannot put up with a partner whose sex drive is higher or lower than yours, you do not have the guarantee that the relationship will stand the test of time.

5. A partner that tries to change you; Your partner could want you to work less, maybe push you to be better. That is okay. But when it comes to you loosing your identity and personality, that is disrespectful. Are you willing to loose your self for the relationship? Think about this, if your partner tries to change everything about you, what did he or she fall in love with in the first place?

6. Lies; When you’re lied to by your partner so you don’t get hurt, that’s forgivable for me. But no so when it’s an habit. Give room to being lied to constantly, give room to being manipulated too. Love is truth. Constant lies from your partner is a violation of trust.


Written by Ayemi Divine

IG: @dahtijawgirl


  • Your comment…nothing annoyed ne like when my boyfriend talk about his exes and compare me with them , and again try to control my power very unnecessarily, i hate it , shows very red flag , means I must move out frm that relationship, thanks for tips

  • Nothing annoys me more than constantly hearing about how perfect his ex was…if he was that good,then why is she not the one you are with right now???…thanks for the tip…

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