See What Basketmouth Said About Couples In The Big Brother Naija House


Relationships in the Big Brother Naija house are really heating up, and Showmax’s Hot Room host Basketmouth had some things to say about this on the latest episode of the show.

Fan favourites, Mercy and Ike were first on the target line as the pair couldn’t keep their hands away from each other, as per usual.

“I need you to help me, I’m hot and my pants have to come off,” Ike said to Mercy on one occasion. A request Mercy was only too happy to grant before the pair dissolved into a fit of laughter. But Basketmouth was not impressed by Mercy’s sudden shyness. “Mercy, Mercy why are you shocked? That’s the fruit of your labour, you’ve been working very hard for this thing” he taunted.

Frodd was not spared from the teasing either as Basketmouth threw jabs at him while he and Esther stole glances at Khaffi and Gedoni as the pair cuddled under the sheets.

Catch all the intimate moments from your favourite Big Brother Naija couples and Basketmouth’s jabs on Hot Room showing every week on Showmax.


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