RELATIONSHIP TIPS : How To Communicate About Sex With Your Partner To Keep The Spark Alive

Communication is an important aspect in every relationship, even about sex. Talking about sex makes some people people feel uncomfortable, some say it makes sex less fun. Erase that thought and read on.

Talking about sex helps you avoid awkward sex. Talking about sex helps you get understood and helps you get better sex.

Here’s how to communicate about sex


  • Always talk about sex before and not in the heat of the moment
  • Never talk about sex immediately after
  • Figure out a method that will help you communicate better to avoid awkward situations. You can try talking about sex through texts, while playing a game, watching a movie.
  • Just pick a neutral time and good enough moment.
  • Be open when you get the chance. Tell your partner what kind of sex you want (oral sex, rough sex, fingering or hand jobs). Talk about the sex positions you want (Reverse cowgirl, missionary sex, doggy style).
  • Help your partner get better in bed. It actually makes sex better for you. (Take your man’s hand, guide him and show him how you would like to be touched.
  • Talk about your boundaries before sex.
  • Don’t fake an orgasm. The sex won’t get better when you act like you enjoy it. It won’t get better unless you speak up. You also end up cheating yourself when you fake an orgasm.


Remember to talk about your STI/STD status. Play safe !


How do you communicate with your partner

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