Ramsey Nouah Defends Erotic Scenes In Nollywood




The Nollywood industry, some years back, became awashed with strong scenes that depicted s3x, which led to industry observers to raise more than just an eye brow.

The ladies began to bare their bodies in daring roles and also got involved in erotic scenes that made many people to question where the industry was heading to.

At a recent programme, star actor, Ramsey Nouah, explained that there is nothing wrong with these scenes so far the actors involved are professionals in the business.

He said, “There is nothing wrong with playing erotic scenes so long as they are done professionally. That is why I am encouraging young and aspiring actors, script writers and cameramen to disregard the widely held opinion that Nollywood stars are lay-abouts and join hands with us in moving the industry forward.”

Ramsey Nouah returned to the screens after many years of absence. He featured in the movie, ’30 Days In Atlanta’ and with Majid Michel in ‘Busted Life’. He was also in ‘Thy Will Be Done’.


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