Pregnant woman narrates how Boko Haram men took turns sleeping with her in Sambisa Forest




A 23 year old pregnant mother of four, Asabe Aliyu who was rescued from Sambisa Forest by the military last week says she does not know the father of her unborn child as Boko Haram men took turns in sleeping with her while she was held captive in their camp


“I was abducted six months ago in Delsak when our village was overrun by Boko Haram. First I had sojourned from my village to a forest close to Cameroun, they turned me into a s*x machine. They took turns to sleep with me. Now, I am pregnant and I cannot identify the father. With my condition as a pregnant woman, I did the cooking of their food” she told Daily Times amid tears.

The stories from the women are heartbreaking as they tell stories of sadness and untold hardship. Lami Musa, another returnee recalled how she was abducted when she was four months pregnant. According to her, she had not had a bath nor given her daughter a bath since she give birth in the sect members camp three days ago

“They adducted the whole of my family and killed my husband at Kilkasa forest when I was four months pregnant. They took us to Sambisa forest, we were sleeping in an open field. For days, we went without water or food. Three days ago, I gave birth to this baby girl. As I am talking to you, I cannot ascertain the status of her health. I have not had a bath since I was delivered of the baby. The baby is yet to be bathed too.

Another returnee, Maryamu Adamu from Michika in Adamawa state said she was kidnapped from her village nine months ago and had not seen her husband or children since she was abducted.

I know I was dead, my existing now is just a mere shadow of life as nothing moves me. But now that I am here, I confirm that I am a living being.I thank God that I am alive. I thank God.”she said Many of them have been taken to Internally displaced persons camp in Malkoi, Adamawa state for gradual integration into the society.




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