Photos: Nigerian Man Calls Outs Kwara State Police P.R.O For Extorting Him, Collecting $2,000 & N115k Posts Evidence


Twitter user Asiwaju @Asiwaju_limited has just exposed a top police official who extorted money from him with proof, below are his tweets;


On Friday july 7th, The PPRO of Kwara State police command took 2000$ cash from me and force me to transfer 115k to one of his boys Account, and he also seize my Samsung phone..
He threatened to send me to jail if i tell anyone about the case.

Then Vice Ex-President atiku retweeted him:
Special thanks to @atiku for his support to Nigeria youth.. we are solidly behind you by 2019… without you I won’t have the courage to tweet this .. Nigeria police are all criminals and they know how to put allegation on innocent people just to extort money.

The PPRO & his boys call me a cultist that I’m part of the boys that are planing to attack the senate president.. I was set up by one gal I know from Lagos it was later on I find out that the PPRO was having affair with the same gal.

They put lots of allegations on me that I was planing to kill the gal and me and my cult members are planing to attack senate president.. They didn’t register the case, they didn’t allow me to write what happen, they tell me what to write.


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