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Paul Okoye Confirms Exit From Spotlight




of PSquare has revealed that he is going to be off the music scene for a while and will go into music video directing from now on instead.

Just weeks after his debut as a video director, has fully confirmed that he is taking a break from the spotlight and will now be mostly working from behind the scenes, directing the videos of his newly signed artistes Lucy and .

“Nowadays, I am mostly behind the scenes. Like I did the video, now we are co-directing Lucy’s video with Clarence Peters,” the P-Square star said, adding he chose the career path because of the many poorly directed videos that make it to the screen.

Now, he is tenaciously working to ensure that his Rudeboy Records stars stand out. For Lucy, who he unveiled a few months ago, Okoye described her as Nigeria’s version of top singer, .
“Look at her face,” he laughed, saying, “She is Naija Riri!”

However, Paul has not been having it easy in his ‘profession’ as he has been accused of copying other people’s works.

Recall that in May, the Okoye twin got embroiled in messy feud with an online platform which accused him of copying the concept of ’s video ‘Work’ for his artiste, ’s first music video.

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