Open Letter To P-Square


Well loads of peeps buzzing me about my silence over Peter of Psquares Family split, asking if I ever heard anything happening at all. Well the truth of the matter is that have heard about it right from day one which this issue has came into limelight, and even before it showcasing to the world in a white pattern, have sensed it coming too.
First of all, let me start by saying I think most of you know I LOVE HANDLING HUMAN Situations most especially that of the FAmily, and with the help of A.R. Guidance and Counselling Unit,which is set aside to give people the best in terms of guiding and counselling them with their businesses, personal life and family lives,  we’ve helped solved an unaccountable numbers of Human Challenges including that of marriage challenges.
 Now to basic; Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye, I believe you guys have been BLOODERS right from time, along the time of growing, you guys quarrel and settled it within yourself without a third party involving, or sometimes with the help of a third party which is surely not that of the PUBLIC, not to talk about your fans.
 At first I wonder why grown up dudes like you duo could live together, buh I noticed its still tha same LOVE from the foundation,tha made You both have a mansion named SquareVille and still live underneath together even in terms of quarrel cos you believe you both are born to be together forever which is absolutely true. Buh when I learnt you guys wanted to marry, I asked myself “How could this be possible,how could you grown up duo marry under the same Roof, its not possible, because quarrel will surely arise between you guys wives,its not a curse or a wish,its just the BASIC FACT, take for example the teeth and the tongue, they fight to, so its certain except only if the mansion is being demarcated indoor and outdoor which I see its not. Buh you guys never reasoned the way I was reasoning, you thought it would be perfect, which I really love the brotherly lovely decision you both decided. So my question now is; why do you have to split now???
  Do you wanna tell me you guys haven’t been fighting over the years?
Then why didn’t you split, why is it all in the name of your family not loving your wife tha made you packed out of the house you built with your family over the years  within minutes?
 Why is it now you noticed people only know you as Peter the dancer, Paul the singer? Even when your fans don’t mind. When you guys drop a song, your fans gonna be like “P-Square just dropped a Single, not Paul of Square records just dropped a song”
Yea! Its true one wake up from a wide long dream in a day, buh to me I Don’t think this is a wake up, cos you both are making your cheddahs equally, its not as if Peter the dancer should take 20% Paul the singer should take 40% and Jude the BrainBox should take 40%…..  I believe you both share your profits equally, so why the STRESS??
  And talking about your family not accepting your wife LOLA, I feel your pain,when it comes to this part of choice choosing, and I understand the fact that a man should fight for what he wants, and also protect his WIFE…… Yea no doubt,LoLA is your happiness, not even your wife alone, but the mother of your kids. Hmmmm!!! interesting you’re a real man and a true warrior indeed. Buh wait a minute, lemme call your attention to something, don’t you think your family have been a full time supporter of you right from cradle to the stage you choose to marry,cos I could actually remember during your upcoming days as an artist, Senorita/Bizzy Body days, your elder brother JUDE which you now see as a KillJoy was the one who sold his own car, his own happiness then for you both to shoot a video inother to be suCcessful with your career. Hmmm True Blooda indeed, sacrificing his own Happiness for that of his brothers.
 Still on track with Lola, learnt not even your twin brother and your elder brother was against your marriage with Lola, but your late mother Mrs Josephine Okoye was against you guys union too. Sometimes don’t you think the elders see things beyond our own young short sight imagination ?
 Fact, you need to fight all you’ve suffered for all through the years for your own family (Your wife and your children)cos they are the reason why you’re working. But have you tried to ask your extended family (your brothers) reason why they don’t want Lola as part of the family?
  Everybody in your family can’t be against Lola without a reason, I just pray you don’t fall in a pit before realising. I don’t know Lola from Adam, I gat no bias mind against her, buh if truly she’s a Good Wife, what has she done over this issue? Why is it when she came into the family that the Family Love ship capsized??
  As for you Lola Okoye, you need to find a better solution to what is happening in your husbands family inother to prove everyone of them wrong about any negative thinking they might have against you. Buh if you keep quiet and do nothing, then there’s no way you can prove to everyone including me that your not the Brain behind the whole tussle, cos have experienced a number of cases like this and in Africa which we belong, the wife is usually blamed in this type of situation,that’s when you hear them say in yoruba in which I believe you understand  “O ti fun Oko lefo je” (You’ve given your husband vegetable) I.e you’ve charmed him and made him dance to your tune. And if that’s what really happened, then remember you’ve gat a male kid too, and you won’t pray for such thing to happen between him, his family and his wife.
     A word is enough for the wise, enough words said so far.
I pray to God to declare PEACE in the Okoyes family, and everyother eyes reading this, I Arik Raymond ( @ArikRay1 ) rest my case


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