Open Letter To Skales


Dear Skales Let me start by wishing you a happy and prosperous new year… Mr Raoul, I would like to admit to the FACT that you are a very talented and Hardworking artist like it’s not really easy switching between singing and Rapping at the same time(should be the main reason BankyW signed you some years ago). There are some things I’ve noticed about your music Career since you Started with EME, some years ago when you released your first pre-EME Single(Heading for a Grammy) I just knew that you were headed to the TOP cause I felt the Heat(HIT) from the song. At that time People started looking forward to you like you are the next thing to storm the Nigerian music scene. BankyW. Signed You and Wiz up, I can remember Him bringing the two of you up on stage at a show announcing the you both as His Retirement plan, but Let me be sincere since then it has been all about Wiz. I am not sure maybe it’s the Destiny/Star Factor OR the exposure wizkid got when He was still upcoming recording with the likes of OJB, soundsultan e.t.c then that made him a STRONGER FORCE than you in the music scene. I understand that you were still in school which is much needed(thank God you graduated successfully last year) maybe that was what held your music career back a little bit.. When you released your First single(Mukulu) with EME I was like Ok so this guy can sing too an album from him would not be bad. You also gained little Popularity and so on. 2013 was not too bad for your career, your impact was really good on the EME compilation album (this is me forgetting the fame and musical influence wizkid and BankyW got on the album). Your verses on Baddest Boy, Sunmomi, Get down tonight and so on was on point. You released two singles in 2013 Take Care Of me and Denge Pose(of which denge pose was really slept on) which were AMAZING, the first time I heard Take care of me was on BEAT FM and I was like is this Skales? I mean An average Nigerian artist/musician can’t write a song like that. Now To the main matter, Mister Skales I would like you to Pull a wizkid on Your LABEL BOSSES. 2014 Is YOUR TAKEOVER YEAR, Release an album in the first quarter of this year (don’t care if Wiz’s second album is not yet out) Go for it in the first quarter of this Year or you lose your CHANCE of taking over/Blowing full time. At least the singles Wizkid released last year are enough (No hating to wiz).. I am tired of seeing tweets about you not blowing yet. Before I stop, Mr. Skales Please change Your stylist(if you have one) and your mode of dressing, you can At least Contact Ice-Prince for His Stylist. THANK YOU…YOU ARE A STAR, SHINE BRIGHT!!!! From:- An Observer.


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