Open Letter To Nigerian Youth Concerning #EndSars Campaign By Olawale David Oyinlade


Recently, there have been various calls from some Nigerians for the scrapping of the Special Anti-robbery squad (SARS), and it has really caused serious debate in the country.

I really want us to know that their is no need to remove the agency because they have been of great importance to the country as they have been able to combat crime to some extent most especially in Ekiti State Nigeria.

I’m not in support of the EndSars saga because I know how hard this unit fights to keep people safe from armed robbers, kidnappers and other violent criminals.

Irrespective of the bad eggs among them. Thou this bad eggs needs to be cautioned by the authority in charge. Sars officersNeed to be Evaluated, Fit and Well Trained on human relations, but not to be scrapped.

If this unit is scrapped, the chaos that armed robbers and other criminals alike would cause would be much worse than the ones the few bad Sars officers are causing.

Have been harassed so many times by some of this bad sars officers, i can recall a very faithful day that i was on my way toEKITI STATE UNIVERSITY that one of this  bad Sars officer tried to extort me, telling me to give him money because i look good in Gucci dress, imagine!  on this very faithful day, this Sars Officer was even threatening to shoot if i failed to concur. but my believe was that in every saint gathering there will be a black sheep.

So to my amiable youths out there don’t forget that many Sars officers have died in the course of protecting the People, they are also people’s family members, if the federal government Scrap the Sarstoday! the country will never be a better a place again for people to live in.

Let’s Think Twice


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