Open Letter To Linda IKEJI by @AKINisHERE


Open Letter

A time comes in everyone’s life he / she gets Booed or Stoned, Well let’s say when the Person has a Stretched neck Like ‘Olomele’ statue in Ibadan.
Sister Linda, I was told you’ve done it again? Ooo! Don’t be surprised the snake that sheds an old skin always has a new one to put on. I’ve always wondered who your next victim of Unwarranted, Pointless and Fake story(y) would be. Never knew it would be BadOo (Olamide) choiii! So yOu never learn? do you want us to start counting for your birthed
skull how many fake qualms-some stories you’ve written?
Haba!!! I Believe It runs in The Blood *winks* Emmy Collins only talked about an Outfit you rocked few months back and all I could see on my timeline the next day was stories about how your sister tried to show Her Flexless Muscles vocally and Typographically using the worlds ‘yab-cable’ network #Twitter flaunting her mouth like a rabbis Infected dog sending words of anger to Mr Emmy. O! Letme leave her alone… Back to you.
So you still need traffic to your Old glorified blogspot powered arena? O! Oo! That’s good. Most BadOo fans don’t know you physically I’m sure they would have wanted to Show you what it means to Love someOne like Olamide and a Cheap skunk like you now Blog a Fakie about him. Kilode? *se O jo Yemi my lover ni?*
Let’s even leave the aspect of you not blogging his songs and Videos… Please didn’t you hit the spotlight before him? Don’t we respect Him now more than You? Even though you do separate things… Your exhobitant price tag for Just putting a song on your blog just makes me think you’re Allison Maduekes Daughter *scoffles* or are you considering getting a Private Jet soonest?
Easy with the Over-rated Hype and respect been bestowed on you don’t get to intoxicated because nothing lasts forever. Especially with the way we read your annoying Fake and untrue posts. You’ld soon write ‘Ex-Blogger’ like your Twitter profile reads ‘Ex-Model’. I believe this would teach you a very Important lesson that not every Hot-cake news is appreciated and welcomed with Both hands… We could pull it Near with the right hand and Give it a very Hot ‘ifoti’ (slap) with the Left hand *ask guys from Bariga and you’ld know they produce the hottest range of Slaps*
Yours Most Respected *are you really?* – AKIN (@AKINisHERE)
#Pardon all Errors Jare! My Padis na so I just write am ‘KanJu-ly”


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