OMG!!! See How Pregnant Lady Lost Her Two Legs In Ghastly Road Accident [Graphic Photos, Viewer’s discretion Advised]

The h0rrific incident happened yesterday in Warri. The eye-witness writes below…2625664_img20150713wa003_jpege5e5004184cc295f9a4b64780b7a9095-300x225

“Was at Firstbank Udu road branch in Warri yesterday, when suddenly the bank bullion van and police escort was coming on high speed on a wrong lane. Is a double lane road but the bullion van was on the wrong lane with the police avoiding to go and turn a few meters from the bank. Suddenly a tipper that was coming opposite lost control because of the ruff driving of the bullion van, and the tipper trying to pave way for the bullion van lost control and crush an innocent girl’s leg, damaging both legs. Youths from nowhere came and start throwing stones into the bank, before police came and start shooting into the air.”

The girls injuries are horrific. But thank God she survived it.

Click the Continue Reading Below…To See the photos below but please viewer’s discretion is highly advised…

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