Nigerian OAP To March Bare Chested With 10,000 Women Over SARS Killings


Throwing her weight behind the movement against SARS on social media, Nigerian OAP Tyra, said that she will be protesting against SARS bare chested alongside 10,000 women in a yet to be disclosed date.
Nigerian OAP

According to her, she will be bring back the Aba women riot of 1929 to 2017, against the agency created by the Nigerian Police to curb crime.

”If by Monday nothing has been said or done i will need 10,000 women, we are going to march bare chested all the way to the biggest SARS station in Lagos to tell them to stop Harassing us and killing our men #EndSARS”

Please note that this is a suggestion,i have and did not insist on anything. Yes we should march, bare chested? If you like. It was suggested because sometime in history it worked. So stop being so pessimistic and concentrate on the aim of my tweet #EndSARS


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