Nigerian Man Releases Shocking List Of Things His Wife Must Do, Fans Reacts.

This one weak me, lol, Alright, At this Point i give up, But i know ya’ll can do justice to him, read the list he shared on his page, and few reactions below!

He wrote :


1. she must wake up by 1 am.
2. she must sweep all my compound
3. she must prepare my break fast.

4. she must bath the children while ironing
my clothes at the same time.
5. she must not go out when i’m around
and when am not around.
6. she will not expect anybody to cook.
7. she must wash cloth no matter how
heavy the pregnancy.
8. she will go to bed by 11 pm
9. she must entertain my family members well.
10. I will not hear “no food today”.
11. no man will be her friend.
12. she must not wear trouser
13. she must not refuse if i ask for $ex to give birth to 18 or 19 children
15. she must not evangelize my family issues to outsiders. she must not borrow.

17. she must take care of my mama more than her mama.

18. before sending anything to her parent I must be informed.

19. she must be ready anytime i call her on bed.

20. she must OBEY everything on the list because I LOVE HER.

What do you think?

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