Nigerian Educational System (Political will).

Professor Pai Obanya

According to the emeritus professor Pai Obanya in one of his interviews made it known that one of the problems encountering Nigeria is the political will of our political leaders.

The sage of Education with his depth experience made it cleared that education has been be affected negatively due to the effectiveness of our Government in seeing every children educated.
He referred to the days of Chief Obafemi Awololo in 1955 and his impact as the premier of western region mandated education with task force within the region to send children to school. Most of what Education has become today is products of our governmental policies.

During the era of Baba Awolowo, his political will was to ensure every child gets educated for free. This was the strength and focus of the Action group of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

In everything said by Emeritus Pai Obanya, makes it cleared that the role of government can’t be over-emphasized In Education. One of the things we enjoyed in the Yoruba states is political will of Chief Awolowo to give free education to everyone. If anything must change in the Educational system it must be the political will.


(Jeremiah Oluwaferanmi is a public analyst based in Ibadan).

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